Welcome to our new blog

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 12:24 PM

Hello, loyal Notebook fans! As Notebook evolves, we're staying up to speed on your thoughts by reading your blog posts. Now, we're pleased to introduce a blog of our own so that you can keep up with news and tips about Notebook.

It turns out we're starting this blog at an auspicious moment. As you may already know, Google Notebook is about collecting, organizing, and sharing information from the web -- but in many ways, so are bookmarks. Which is why we've been working to combine Google Notebook and Google Bookmarks. Last month, when we made your bookmarks available via Google Notebook, we heard your enthusiasm.

And we also observed your confusion. This week, we launched a snazzy new way to access your notebooks that should make things a bit clearer: Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer (beta), which features Notebook built in. Now, whenever you find a page you want to remember, select any part you want to clip and then press the star button. If you want, add it to a Notebook. Later, you can get back to pages in your bookmarks and notebooks through the bookmarks menu, or through the mini-Notebook. As an added bonus, the Toolbar can highlight the part of a page you've clipped, letting you jump back to exactly what you found most interesting.

If you once found a random cool tool that you might have trouble finding again, use the star to add it to your unfiled bookmarks. Into cooking? Use the star button to collect recipes into notebooks that you can share with your fellow cooks and organize into sections. I even clip the ingredient lists so I can easily access them at the grocery store using the mobile version of Notebook. When it's time to cook, I can get back to the full recipe from the bookmarks menu in the toolbar.

We're really excited to hear your feedback since we know that integrating products is always a tricky business. And be sure to subscribe to this blog in Google Reader to get tips and tricks from the Notebook team over the coming months.